Launching the kayaks, jet skis, jet ribs and dinghies is so simple now that the launch has been reinstated and made available to our guests. The resident charge of £10 per night includes launch and recovery of your PWC or Rib.

Using the launch facilities here at The Cove is so convenient, just ask for a tow if you need it or walk your kayaks down to the beach, wooden, inflatable or ocean-going. Our crew are usually available with the quad to collect the larger units, just call in at Reception.

Guests bringing their own kayaks and staying on The Park will not be charged to launch.

Visitors not staying at The Park are welcome to use the launch service for kayaks for the small charge of £3.50 per kayak. Car parking facilities are available. Charges do apply. Visitors also wanting to launch their Jet Ski's are welcome to use the launch, the charge for this is £35, car parking charges for one car are included in this price. Insurance of your P.W.C's are needed to launch, if you don't have this we are unable to launch you.

If you wish to launch your Jet Ski you must bring your insurance for it with you, as we must see it before launching you.

We have recently started a Jet Ski Club at Watermouth Cove, if you think you will be launching with us multiple times during our season this is definitely something you should think about joining! Being apart of this club allows you to launch as many times as you'd like from May - September, it also includes your parking as well as us storing your ski on site. Meaning if the sun is shining and you fancy a ski all you need to do is head for Watermouth and we'll have everything ready for you! Pricing is: £350 for a season pass for launching. £450 for a season pass for launching as well as storage. 

If you have a kayak and this appeals to you we also, we have a Kayak Club - if you wish to join its £150, this includes your parking, storage with us and as many launches as you'd like from May - September. 

Please Note: Launch facilities for Jet Skis and PWC's are open to the general public by prior arrangement, if you give us a call on 01271 862504 to let us know you would like to launch with us we would inform you if this is something we can do. During our 6 week summer period, we don't guarantee launching so its always best to check beforehand!

We only launch residents on the park and Jet Ski Club members during busy times such as Bank Holiday Weeks/Weekends/Events.